1. Ben #

    Nice. His name is James May btw, Jeremy is a different presenter…. ;)

  2. Darryl #

    Many thanks from Canada for posting this!!

  3. Duncan Hill #

    Not just throughout Great Britain, but Northern Ireland as well.

  4. Xix_Modio_Xix #

    The tall presenter is Jeremy Clarkson
    than Richard May
    and James Hammond

  5. joananogueirablender #

    Do you know the name of the typeface used?

  6. Ralf Herrmann #


  7. Robin #

    Dear Margaret
    I was fascinated to see your work featured on Top Gear (shame you had to endure the awful Clarkson). Its clearly one of the very few examples of the triumph of common sense over government stupidity (with only a handful of you doing it all together). I live in the Medway towns and we have some of the most appalling travesties of signage imaginable. Is there anyone one supremo who is responsible for maintaining clarity and who I can send the dangerously confusing examples of local council stupidity?
    Please help - for the sake of safety.

  8. Jason Pagura #

    The original video linked above has been removed on copyright grounds. Fortunately, the BBC posted the same segment themselves, at this link: http://youtu.be/6QypmXbwD1k


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