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The Beauty of Road Signs

Usually, when I do my road trips to take pictures of road sigs for my collection, I am most interested in, how these signs look from the driver’s point of view. But now and then I also get out of the car and take some more interesting photos. Here are some selected images from the […]

Wayfinding in different frames of reference

“Orientation in space (and time) is the framework of cognition […] we take delight in physically distinctive, recognizable locales, and attach our feelings and meaning to them. They make us feel at home, grounded.” Kevin Lynch The word orientation is derived from Latin oriens, meaning East. It stems from the mediaeval practice of drawing maps with […]

OpenType myths explained

OpenType is the standard font format of these days. But even 14 years after its introduction, many users don’t really know what the term OpenType implies and how it differs from other font formats. Since I use the domain opentype.info for my weblog, I thought it is time to shed some light on this confusing subject […]