Typographic Week 21

Letters in Stone

Maud Bekaert from Brugge, Belgium carves letters in stone. There are beautiful carvings available at http://www.letterwebshop.com. Apart from the shop items, name plates, tombstones, inauguration stones, house numbers, wedding and birth stones, or any other application of letter carving can be commissioned.

Font Editor Glyphs

Glyphs is a new font editor developed by Georg Seifert, the designer of Graublau Sans Pro. Glyphs is a native Mac OS X application offering a simple and intuitive user interface. More information can be found at glyphsapp.com.

Beautiful Typography in Web Design

A list of beautiful web typography collected by spyrestudios.

Typography Insights

Typography Insight is an iPad application that introduces new methods for learning and teaching typefaces. The project stemmed from my love for typography and evolving mobile platforms. It was inspired by my own experience in typography classes whilst attending design school. Typography Insight leverages technological evolutions in tablet devices, most notably the touch interface and high resolution display of the iPad, to visualize and manipulate typefaces. With Typography Insight, students can easily experiment and inspect the detailed shapes of historical typefaces. Consequently they can acquire a deeper understanding of the type, a virtue of any competitive designer. http://typeinsight.org

Sneak peek: Neacademia

Neacademia by Sergei Egorov is an excellent Latin and Cyrillic type family, a contemporary interpretation of the Aldine types from 15th century. So old it’s new!
It is inspired by the types cut by 15th century Italian punchcutter Francesco Griffo da Bolgnа for the famous Venetian printer and publisher Aldus Pius Manutius. Neacademia is designed for lengthy texts of an appropriate nature such as classical literature and art. Different versions of the typeface are optimised for settings at specific point sizes in a manner, traditional for setting metal type. While the display sizes maintain a visual link to its calligraphic roots, text sizes exhibit more typographic qualities, following the moves of the carver’s, not calligrapher’s, hand. http://www.rosettatype.com/index.php?action=portal/viewContent&cntId_content=2927

MyFonts interview with Natalia Vasilyeva

“Our interviewee is one of the most prolific designers of pragmatic text fonts and accomplished calligraphic typefaces for ParaType, Russia’s principal typefoundry. Yet her type designs represent only a fraction of her interests. Part scientist, part artist, in meeting Natalia Vasilyeva we discovered a designer with a technician’s head and a calligrapher’s hand, happy to show us around her lab.” http://new.myfonts.com/newsletters/cc/201105.html

Ode to a Letter

“Inspired by my love for letters and typography I decided to make an ode to all the letters of the alphabet. I wrote a letter to each of the 26 characters of the alphabet, starting with ‘Dear A…’, Dear B..’,’Dear C…’ etc. For these letters I used the most personal typography I have , my own handwriting. I brought my handwriting to a higher level, honoring every character. A 3D-wooden sculpture was created for each single character to accompany the letter as well.” http://www.typegoodness.com/2011/05/ode-to-a-letter/

Code Pro font

Code Pro is display font from Fontfabric available in 3 weights with 586 characters each. http://fontfabric.com/code-pro/

Typejockeys 3-Year Anniversary

This week, the Typejockeys are celebrating their third anniversary. Until Sunday, May 29th, customers can license all three of the Typejockeys typeface families for just €483 (a €207 savings). Read more about the Typejockeys in Dan Reynolds Typeoff blog.


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    Thanks a lot for mentioning our website on your blog. Nice to discover your beautiful webplace ! Kind regards Maud Bekaert


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