Download a free demo of Wayfinding Sans

You may have already read about the story behind the Wayfinding Sans typeface on I Love Typography and you might have seen the empirical study that proved its outstanding legibility. But now you can also try the typeface free of charge. Just pay with a tweet or Facebook post. (Alternatively there is also a download for a small nominal charge at MyFonts.)

Download discontinued - Check out the pro version Open the PDF specimen



  1. Tomica Korac #

    it’s a shame this beautiful font doesn’t cover Cyrillic and Greek ranges :(

  2. Ralf Herrmann #

    It does in the Pro versions.

  3. Tomica Korac #

    Oh wow! That’s a great thing to know! :))) Where can I find out more about the Pro version? (Supported glyphs, price)

  4. Tomica Korac #

    Disregard that :) I found it on MyFonts :) is a magical place ;)

  5. cess keys #



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